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Unlock Your Freedom

Nov 3, 2022

Every object, every creature, every man, woman and child has a soul and it is the Destiny of all, to see as God sees to know as God knows to feel as God feels, to be as God Is. 

--Meister Eckhart 

 Grace is one of our greatest superpowers. Grace is letting things unfold, without judgment. You truly unlock your freedom when you give yourself and others permission to be perfect, even with all your seeming imperfections. 

Grace is the opposite of judgment. Judgements are quite dangerous because what you judge you can no longer understand. Change is the only constant in our universe and when you judge something or someone you make a static decision that never changes.

What does better look like? Making new decisions everyday about yourself, situations, and other people. This is acceptance versus resistance. Resistance brings up tension and stress which lead to overwhelm and dread. Acceptance opens us to ease peace and flow.

3 Key Points

- The power of surrender

- How to be present to your life

- Finding freedom from resistance 


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