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Unlocking Your Freedom With Kevin Kepple

Jan 28, 2021

Have you heard of energetic leadership?


I invited the one and only Christi Campbell to join me on the podcast because she truly is the epitome of energetic leadership.


Christi grew up in a direct sales household with her mother being a very prominent figure in direct sales world. Today, Christi is a in her industry...

Jan 28, 2021

What do you want, and why do you want it?


These are two very important questions.


In this episode, we’re talking about purpose. I think it’s important to dive deep into this subject because when you don’t have a clear purpose then it can be hard to find direction. One of the best things you can do for your...

Jan 21, 2021

What does your genius look like?


Do you know what makes you unique OR do you understand? There’s a big difference between knowing and understanding. 


In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing how you can find your way to your highest, most authentic self. The first key to unlocking your freedom is...