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Unlock Your Freedom

Apr 1, 2021

Would you say that you are crushing it?


My guest, Lisa Raupp, is joining me in this episode to talk all about creating decades of high-level success and what it takes to consistently crush it.


I want to make this clear: success is created by showing up every day and doing the things you need to do - it is not a one-time thing!


Lisa Raupp is a Sr. Sales Director with a large direct sales company. She started her business 35 years ago very part-time when she had a career in retail management and decided to become a full-time mom. She was bored, broke and wanted adult conversation. 


Since then, she has earned free cars and has won 32 diamond rings along with a watch for her husband. Lisa loves to travel and enjoys sports, especially watching the Cubs!


If you want to learn from an expert what it means to show up and consistently crush it in your life, you’re going to love this episode. 


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