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Unlocking Your Freedom With Kevin Kepple

Dec 1, 2022

Jay Worthy is the host of the 28 Summers podcast and co-host of the Man Alive podcast.

Jay got his start in life as an instructor teaching members to use gym equipment for free, so he could get a free membership for himself – two decades later he was the first non-US CEO of the $1 billion company that made that equipment! After an adventurous childhood, his life lost its adventurous edge. Work and other commitments quickly took priority, and his passion and desire for adventure were suppressed to make way for his growing workload and other commitments. Through a series of life-changing moments and a period of intense stress and depression in his early 40s, he knew something had to change.

Today he is a Vice President in a Fortune 500 corporation with a determination to show that living a life of purpose and earning a living are not mutually exclusive. He is on a mission to prove that happiness and financial security can co-exist and that it's time for the corporate world to recognize that grinding executives into the ground and sapping every ounce of their energy is entirely counter-intuitive to optimizing their impact and leadership.

Jay believes that living adventurously is the key to a long and happy life.

Website :

Insta: @1dayadventurer