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Unlock Your Freedom

Apr 22, 2021

How would you like to pick the brain of a five-time million-dollar director? 


It’s pretty amazing when you create a championship performance one time and even more amazing when you can do it two times, but doing it repeatedly is just outstanding.


Today we’re lucky enough to get inside the mind of a woman who has done just that. 


Stacy Foust has been building a direct sales business for over 35 years. She has achieved the massive goal of million-dollar status five times in her career. Her favorite part of her business is serving the women she leads with teaching, coaching, and mentoring as they find their own individual strategy for rock-solid personal and business success. Her philosophy is that every accomplishment and breakthrough represents lives changed for the better and women being set FREE!


We’re going to be talking about elevating the people around you, not waiting for things to be perfect, and some of the amazing things that you can learn from the direct sales world. 


If you want to know Stacy’s secret to success, just tune in. 

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