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Unlocking Your Freedom With Kevin Kepple

May 24, 2024

Rick Torrison

  • Founder of Right Now Leadership LLC & Revival Rivers Non-Profit

    • Dedicated to empowering leaders and organizations.
    • Offers specialized coaching and growth strategies.
  • Professional Background

    • Over 25 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies and solopreneurs.
    • International speaker and certified Success & John C. Maxwell coach.
    • Expertise in helping individuals and organizations overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Recent Work

    • Author of the book "Born Limitless."
      • Focuses on the power of limiting beliefs.
      • Part of his proprietary coaching method.
    • Addresses how to break free from self-imposed limitations to reach full potential.
  • Coaching and Speaking

    • Coaches leaders and organizations on personal and professional growth.
    • Helps cultivate an infinite mindset and unleash true identity.
  • Personal Life

    • Former educator and coach.
    • Married to Melinda for 33 years.
    • Father of two adopted children, Cody (29) and Emily (25).
  • Philosophy

    • Believes everyone was born limitless.
    • Committed to helping people and organizations achieve their limitless potential.

Key Takeaways

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

    • Understanding and addressing the internal ceilings we create.
    • Strategies to break through barriers and achieve growth.
  • Infinite Mindset

    • Importance of cultivating an infinite mindset.
    • Techniques to unleash one's true identity and potential.
  • Personal Growth

    • The role of personal identity in professional success.
    • Insights from Rick’s experience and coaching methods.

Social Media

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