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Unlocking Your Freedom With Kevin Kepple

Apr 29, 2024

Tom Langan is a two-time Emmy Award nominated Director of Photography and Producer. With a career spanning more than 20years, Tom has produced 100's of hours of National and Globally distributed programming for major broadcasters including BC, NBC Universal and Discovery.

Tom has served as Showrunner and Series Producer on multiple complex and challenging projects overseeing multi-million dollar budgeted productions. He has staffed and led teams filming all over the world in environments ranging from the Arctic Circle to sub-Saharan Africa producing lifestyle, documentary, entertainment and commercial content.

Since (mostly) leaving television production ni 2018, Tom has focused on working with entrepreneurs, nonprofits and mission driven organizations to help them positively impact their communities, shape the future of their industry and build meaningful, long lasting relationships with their audience through narrative, value driven content. In his groundbreaking book 'Legendeering' Tom presents a brand-new video communication strategy based in the power of authentic human relationships designed to help businesses and brands lead with value for their audience and build communities of raving supporters around brands.


When Tom isn't working to help businesses become brands that matter, he pursues what might be described as an eclectic range of hobbies. In his free time Tom is an IronMan triathlete, podcaster, a volunteer firefighter, an amateur chef and a whiskey collector.


All of Tom's social media handles are @talexmediallc